Things To Consider When Choosing A Convertible Car Seat02.18.15

If you have a child, finding the right convertible car seat for them is going to be one of the biggest things to do. With many different brands and models available in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one especially if you are new in this thing. The choice of convertible car seat for your child can be the difference between safety and injury in the event that you are involved in a car crash, so you cannot afford to go wrong.

When you are looking for a convertible car seat, you will need to know the kind of seat that will be suitable for your child. If the child is smaller than 20 lbs, you will need to focus your search on infant only seats. You can start looking for convertible seats after your child is more than 20 lbs. This type of seat can help you keep your baby in his five-point harness until he becomes ready for a booster seat. Keeping the baby in this position is very important and necessary since the child at this age and size has a small body and soft bones that cannot stand a crash that can result into serious injuries or even early death.

One of the features that you should look for in a convertible car seat is versatility. After all, the baby is going to grow out of the infant stage quite quickly. So you need a seat that can be able to take the baby from that stage to the toddler stage without any issues. You will also need to take into consideration whether the seat that you are buying meets the safety measures required by the law. Some seats may look really great, but they may not be able to offer great performance. So be sure to take your time to look for one that will give you value for your money.

Cost will also be another factor to consider when choosing a convertible car seat, but it should not be the only factor. Do not just buy a seat because it goes at a super budget friendly price. You will also need to consider other factors that determine its quality. Make sure that the seat has side-impact protection that has been proven to perform well. This will help you ensure that your baby is safe all the time when you are traveling with them. You will also need to check the LATCH system of the seat and make sure that it will not give you a hard time during installation of the seat.

Babies usually need different support at different ages, however, the biggest threat to an infant in an accident is neck injury. It is therefore a great idea to go for a rear-facing convertible car seat that reduces neck strain. As for toddlers, they usually need more protection during side-impact accidents. So you will need to make sure that their seats have plenty of support on the sides in order to keep them safe. The support features that you should look for in the convertible car seat include removable headrests, snugglers as well as adjustable angles.

The LATCH system, or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, in a convertible car seat allows you to attach the seat directly to your car instead of using a seat belt to secure it. This in turn makes its installation safer as well as easier. The seats usually have top tether and bottom straps, but you may not be required to use the top tether for a seat that is facing in the rear direction. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing and using the LATCH system.

It is also important to consider the ease of cleaning of the convertible car seat that you will choose. Surprisingly, some seats have covers that you cannot take off. This will not be the best choice of a seat considering that kids and messes go hand in hand. You will need to look for a seat that has a detachable and machine washable cover that allows you to clean it with ease. Also, you will need to make sure that the seat is well padded to keep the baby comfortable when you are traveling with them.

For more convertible car seat reviews, check out

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All-time Healthy Snacks for Adults01.22.15

Snacks are part of a healthy adult’s diet. They help keep your energy levels high throughout the day. They keep off hunger which prevents one from taking too many calories during main meals. Snacking has a bad reputation because many people take it as a hindrance to weight loss. The truth is, however, that snacks can help accelerate weight loss. Although they tend to be healthy, you should know the right foods to use as snacks and how much to consume per day.

Examples of Healthy Adults Snacks

There are various options from which one can choose a healthy snack. The following are best known snacks for adults

  • ü Fiber cereals with skim milk
  • ü Nuts
  • ü Peanut butter
  • ü Cottage cheese
  • ü Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • ü Popcorn without butter and salt
  • ü Cheese and crackers
  • ü Yogurt and in particular, Greek yoghurt

The above-mentioned snacks are healthy and appeal to all tastes. Whatever your choice of snack is, it should have minimal fat, but high in fibers and protein. The protein provides high energy burst which is particularly important in mid-afternoon when one is tired.

Healthy Homemade Snacks for Adults

Although there are several packaged snacks available in supermarkets and shops, you can still choose to prepare your own. Preparing them at home gives you control of what goes into your body. The packaged snacks usually contain salt, sugars, and preservatives which you would not really use if you decide to prepare them yourself.

Granola is one example of a homemade snack that is preferred by many adults. All you need is a few cups of oat and a variety of dried nuts, coconut, and fruits to get started. Use a healthy oil and drizzle some honey over the mixture. Bake it for one hour and store it in an airtight container. After that, you carry the snack to your workplace or outing. Other healthy snacks can also be prepared in such an easy way.

Healthy Snacks When at Work

The workplace proves to be a great obstacle to healthy eating. Snacks such as pizza, bagels, cakes, and donuts are provided on a constant basis and sticking to healthy eating habits can prove futile. To overcome the challenge, do the following:

  1. Come to work and attend office celebrations while on a full stomach. This will prevent excessive consumption of snacks on offer.
  2. Come with your own snacks from home to avoid the temptations of eating what is being offered.
  3. Keep stock of your preferred healthy snacks when they are available.

There are several options of healthy snacks available to adults. You should check the contents of each snack before directing it to your mouth. Remember, all unhealthy snack choices have consequences, choose yours wisely.


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Solar Panel Installers London07.31.14

Solar panel installers London take their job seriously to help your home become much more energy efficient. Ever since the invention of solar energy, man has been able to tap into the renewable energy sector and save Mother Nature the trouble of smoke-polluted atmosphere, cut down trees and polluted water.

A solar installation company can schedule an appointment to install for you a more productive solar energy system, with efficient solar panels that is much needed by you and family – this system will support itself (what you need most) within a very short period of time!

As humans, we know that raw materials like wood, coal, and oil are quickly getting depleted, therefore our electricity and energy bills are going through the roof steadily due to the escalating demand of the listed fossil fuels. However, having quality solar panels properly installed on your house or home can greatly reduce your energy consumption and energy bills. In addition, you can be able to receive a number of other benefits derived from having solar panels installed to supply energy.

As government run schemes which mostly come as grants, these will very much help you make the quick change over to affordable solar energy. In addition, there are tax incentives structured and instituted by the government too. Fortunately, if you happen to produce or make more energy than you need you can resell it. The National Grid is always there for you.

The good news is that solar energy systems, including solar panels make no noise. As a matter of fact, they run quietly without unnecessary recurring fuel costs or charges unlike wood burners/ oil fired heating systems. Unlike coal (charcoal), firewood and oil, the sun daylight, or sun energy never runs out. This is the reason many people are continually switching to solar panels and renewable efficient solar energy, and solar installation companies’ aim is to simply and make it as quickly as possible for the homeowner!

Solar energy systems/panels can easily be fitted to nearly any home regardless of where you live. If you want some installed in your home, just find professional firms near you and tell them you want the job done. By doing so you will not only be helping minimize the dangerous carbon emissions, but also saving a lot of money you could otherwise have spent on energy bills. Moreover, you will never run out of power or energy even when it’s clear there is a shortage elsewhere. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask so that you can make the right choice.

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iRobot Roomba Automatic Vacuum Cleaner – Clean Your Home Automatically02.27.15

Roombas have been around for quite a while… about 13 years… but I finally decided to give one a shot last year. Are they the perfect “set it and forget it” cleaning tool for anyone that hates vacuuming manually?

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Pricing & discussion:

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Professor Nageswar Analysis on Women Home Guard issues | 10tv02.24.15

For more information please click

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home clean02.23.15

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dry clean only silk blouse clean at home – DIY, HOW TO02.18.15

more questions? visit explain blood stain, ink stain, dry clean only, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, wet clean, laundry,

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24. Help Yourself to Health – Women’s Health Issues – Part 2 (Agatha Thrash)02.14.15

Dr. Agatha Thrash covers a wide variety of health topics, emphasizing simple home remedies and preventative health measures. Broadcast on 3ABN.

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Dry clean only lady’s jacket clean at home using home washer-DIY, HOW TO02.14.15

video clip show how to clean dry clean only lady’s jacket at home using home applience
more questions? you could DIY, HOW TO

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Mr. Clean, Home Wrecker02.11.15

Mr. Clean aids a bored homemaker in her housework which results in more than a professional relationship. Starring Andrew Renslow, Alana Jordan and Chris Dorman, produced by Almost Fairytales Films.

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“Complicated” – Fiqh of Women’s Issues – Chapter 2 Part 102.07.15

Study Session for Chapter 2 (Part 1) of the AlMaghrib Institute seminar, “Complicated”, which discussed women’s modern Fiqh issues. Originally taught by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, VP and instructor for AlMaghrib Institute, in New Jersey.

This session covers the Fiqh of cleanliness, menstruation, post-natal bleeding, and worship.

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Review of Clean and Easy Home Electrolysis Kit02.07.15

Not my usual vlog but something I thought would be useful nonetheless :D

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How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood and Filter (AMAZING!!) — by Home Repair Tutor02.03.15

Hi Friend,

Want to learn how to clean a greasy range hood and filter? See my remarkable results, I’m still in awe.

Hi friend, this is Jeff from Home Repair Tutor and I stumbled onto an awesome degreaser called Super Clean. You can pick this up at any box store for less than .

We have a stainless range hood that gets gunkified with grease. In the past I’ve tried other cleaning solutions with mediocre results. So I was looking for something that would help break down the grease a lot quicker.

Of course, make sure you pre-test Super Clean to be sure it won’t ruin your surface. But I didn’t experience any issues with our stainless steel.

All I did was spray down the hood and immediately wipe off the grease with paper towels. I did spray the range hood filter and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Check out my video to see the amazing results. I still can’t believe how easy this was. And no, I’m not doing this video for the company that makes Super Clean. I have no idea who they are and don’t have a family member that works for them, haha.

For all the details watch my video

If you think this video would help a friend feel free to share it

For tips on home repair & improvement make sure you check out more Home Repair Tutor videos on YouTube.

If you need help with cleaning your grout then take a look at this other video I made

I share many tips that a lot of people have found to be SUPER helpful.

Have a great day!


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Discover The Top 5 Advantages Of Aluminum Ramps02.01.15

Are you shopping for a new wheelchair ramp? This mobility equipment is very useful as they help keep the wheelchair in one level when moving towards a higher area and also reduce dependence of one on other people to use their wheelchair. And since they’re available on the market in different designs, sizes and material, you have so much to choose from. One popular ramp option is aluminum ramps which have a range of advantages over other models.

These include:

  1. Resistant rust & chipping 


Aluminum, unlike steel, is not susceptible to rust, regardless of where it’s used. This makes it ideal for extremely humid and snowy conditions. The material can also resist chipping, so one doesn’t have to worry about their ramp breaking down easily in the process of setting it up.

  1. Offers durability 

Durability is one of the key factors you should factor in when shopping for a ramp and, thankfully, aluminum models are very durable. The material is often praised for its great strength and resistance to a myriad of conditions. What this means is that you’ll continue using your equipment for a long time without needing to replace it.

  1. Easy installation & maintenance

In general, aluminum wheelchair ramps are pretty straightforward to install because they are relatively lightweight. You can quickly hook up the ramp for use and, when done, disassemble it and set it up in another location. Further, you have the option of installing it in form of permanent or temporary shape as needed. In addition, these ramps need very little maintenance compared to some other options.

  1. Offer versatility 

One of the key benefits of these types of ramps is that they offer versatility in terms of configuration. Users can configure them to access any kind of entrance they have, both big and small. And, since they are quite easy to install, one can easily configure their equipment when they move to a new location or else need to move it to a different entrance in their home.

  1. Wide variety

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are available on the market in a wide range, which basically means that you can find a model suited to your individual needs, specifications and budget. There are modular wheelchair ramps that can be painted to match the surroundings or a home’s exterior, folding wheelchair ramps, light weight ramps and portable ramps among others. All one needs is to factor in a few things and they’re sure to find the right ramp for them.




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Bill Burr- Women Are Assholes01.31.15

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Cleaning Motivation | The Ultimate Cleaning Question! (Clean My Space)01.29.15

Watch more Clean My Space videos here!

Join the Community!

‘How do I get motivated to clean?’ You guys ask all the time! So, here are some suggestions (things we use) to help get in the mood for cleaning.

Get A Cleaning Caddy:

Blog Post:

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’70s

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’80s

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’90s

A clean home really does create a happier, more peaceful home (it’s one less thing to argue about). After our Bedroom Cleaning video came out, we got asked several times how to get in the mood for cleaning. So, we’ve compiled a list of some suggestions. We want to know your suggestions too, so please comment.

1. Clean in the Morning

2. Set a Schedule — and Stick to It

3. Prepare your Stuff

4. Have A Routine

5. First Thing First: You’ve got to start somewhere

6. Avoid Distractions

7. Whistle While You Work

8. Don’t be Perfect

9. Have Someone Help You

10. Reward Yourself

11. Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing It

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home clean01.25.15

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