All-time Healthy Snacks for Adults01.22.15

Snacks are part of a healthy adult’s diet. They help keep your energy levels high throughout the day. They keep off hunger which prevents one from taking too many calories during main meals. Snacking has a bad reputation because many people take it as a hindrance to weight loss. The truth is, however, that snacks can help accelerate weight loss. Although they tend to be healthy, you should know the right foods to use as snacks and how much to consume per day.

Examples of Healthy Adults Snacks

There are various options from which one can choose a healthy snack. The following are best known snacks for adults

  • ü Fiber cereals with skim milk
  • ü Nuts
  • ü Peanut butter
  • ü Cottage cheese
  • ü Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • ü Popcorn without butter and salt
  • ü Cheese and crackers
  • ü Yogurt and in particular, Greek yoghurt

The above-mentioned snacks are healthy and appeal to all tastes. Whatever your choice of snack is, it should have minimal fat, but high in fibers and protein. The protein provides high energy burst which is particularly important in mid-afternoon when one is tired.

Healthy Homemade Snacks for Adults

Although there are several packaged snacks available in supermarkets and shops, you can still choose to prepare your own. Preparing them at home gives you control of what goes into your body. The packaged snacks usually contain salt, sugars, and preservatives which you would not really use if you decide to prepare them yourself.

Granola is one example of a homemade snack that is preferred by many adults. All you need is a few cups of oat and a variety of dried nuts, coconut, and fruits to get started. Use a healthy oil and drizzle some honey over the mixture. Bake it for one hour and store it in an airtight container. After that, you carry the snack to your workplace or outing. Other healthy snacks can also be prepared in such an easy way.

Healthy Snacks When at Work

The workplace proves to be a great obstacle to healthy eating. Snacks such as pizza, bagels, cakes, and donuts are provided on a constant basis and sticking to healthy eating habits can prove futile. To overcome the challenge, do the following:

  1. Come to work and attend office celebrations while on a full stomach. This will prevent excessive consumption of snacks on offer.
  2. Come with your own snacks from home to avoid the temptations of eating what is being offered.
  3. Keep stock of your preferred healthy snacks when they are available.

There are several options of healthy snacks available to adults. You should check the contents of each snack before directing it to your mouth. Remember, all unhealthy snack choices have consequences, choose yours wisely.


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Solar Panel Installers London07.31.14

Solar panel installers London take their job seriously to help your home become much more energy efficient. Ever since the invention of solar energy, man has been able to tap into the renewable energy sector and save Mother Nature the trouble of smoke-polluted atmosphere, cut down trees and polluted water.

A solar installation company can schedule an appointment to install for you a more productive solar energy system, with efficient solar panels that is much needed by you and family – this system will support itself (what you need most) within a very short period of time!

As humans, we know that raw materials like wood, coal, and oil are quickly getting depleted, therefore our electricity and energy bills are going through the roof steadily due to the escalating demand of the listed fossil fuels. However, having quality solar panels properly installed on your house or home can greatly reduce your energy consumption and energy bills. In addition, you can be able to receive a number of other benefits derived from having solar panels installed to supply energy.

As government run schemes which mostly come as grants, these will very much help you make the quick change over to affordable solar energy. In addition, there are tax incentives structured and instituted by the government too. Fortunately, if you happen to produce or make more energy than you need you can resell it. The National Grid is always there for you.

The good news is that solar energy systems, including solar panels make no noise. As a matter of fact, they run quietly without unnecessary recurring fuel costs or charges unlike wood burners/ oil fired heating systems. Unlike coal (charcoal), firewood and oil, the sun daylight, or sun energy never runs out. This is the reason many people are continually switching to solar panels and renewable efficient solar energy, and solar installation companies’ aim is to simply and make it as quickly as possible for the homeowner!

Solar energy systems/panels can easily be fitted to nearly any home regardless of where you live. If you want some installed in your home, just find professional firms near you and tell them you want the job done. By doing so you will not only be helping minimize the dangerous carbon emissions, but also saving a lot of money you could otherwise have spent on energy bills. Moreover, you will never run out of power or energy even when it’s clear there is a shortage elsewhere. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask so that you can make the right choice.

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Cleaning Motivation | The Ultimate Cleaning Question! (Clean My Space)01.29.15

Watch more Clean My Space videos here!

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‘How do I get motivated to clean?’ You guys ask all the time! So, here are some suggestions (things we use) to help get in the mood for cleaning.

Get A Cleaning Caddy:

Blog Post:

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’70s

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’80s

Songza Cleaning Playlist ’90s

A clean home really does create a happier, more peaceful home (it’s one less thing to argue about). After our Bedroom Cleaning video came out, we got asked several times how to get in the mood for cleaning. So, we’ve compiled a list of some suggestions. We want to know your suggestions too, so please comment.

1. Clean in the Morning

2. Set a Schedule — and Stick to It

3. Prepare your Stuff

4. Have A Routine

5. First Thing First: You’ve got to start somewhere

6. Avoid Distractions

7. Whistle While You Work

8. Don’t be Perfect

9. Have Someone Help You

10. Reward Yourself

11. Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing It

** Join The Fastest Growing Cleaning Community on the Internet! **


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home clean01.25.15

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Women’s Issues: Courting Female Voters01.22.15

Women’s issues were major campaign points for both the Republicans and Democrats leading up to the 2014 midterm elections. Katie Packer Gage of Burning Glass Consulting discusses. Photo: Getty

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home clean01.21.15

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Looking At A Teeth Whitening Product From Smile4You01.20.15

Currently, Smile4You sells an incredibly popular teeth whitening solution to consumers. The company even sells its products to actual dentists, who then use the product on their patients. Individuals don’t need to spend a fortune on professional whitening treatments when they can acquire the same products for less money. When it comes to this option, each treatment is easy enough to handle at home, and results can show themselves within hours for some users.

Teeth Whitening Kit Information

Teeth whitening kits from Smile 4 You have been sold for over two decades now. Thousands of customers have used these kits to great effect. In fact, they’re capable of making teeth more than 10 shades lighter than before. Few whitening products are able to match those results from the comfort of home. Each treatment takes minutes to apply and doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals. For that reason, this particular solution is recommended over most other whitening products on the market.

How to Use This Whitening Treatment

Using the product is a simple affair each and every time. To get started, a user simply applies the whitening gel to a tray that’s designed to sit against the teeth. Two trays can be used at once to treat the bottom and top rows of teeth simultaneously. Most individuals should place the tray against their teeth for 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the color of their teeth. After these steps have been completed, users remove the trays and wash them out. They can then repeat this process with the whitening gel on a regular basis for noticeable results.

Proven Results Without Any Hazards

Many teeth whitening products have a track record of issues and problematic side effects. However, this particular teeth whitening solution comes with no side effects. It has government approval and has been shown in studies to be completely safe for regular use. Results speak for themselves, though, as some users have reported noticeably whiter teeth within 30 minutes after the first use. No other whitening product can make that same claim.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening Products?

In the end, a person’s smile says a lot about themselves. A smile with yellow or stained teeth isn’t nearly as attractive as a pearly white smile. Teeth whitening products help individuals get their teeth brighter and better looking than before. Luckily, this option has been proven to produce unbeatable results without any safety issues. Anyone can pick up this product today and give it a shot in their own home without spending a fortune at the dentist for similar treatments.

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Princeton janitor brings clean water home to Haiti01.18.15

In the U.S., Josue Lajeunesse works as a taxi driver and janitor. In Haiti, he’s a hero to thousands for bringing clean water to his home village of La Source.

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Documentary on women issues: By Abysheke Rajput.(first documentry)01.16.15

Documentary on women issues: By Abysheke Rajput.(first documentry)

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An Honest Medela Swing Breast Pump Review01.15.15

Finding a quality breast pump is definitely a challenge especially when you have no idea what to look for. As a mother myself, I have been able to purchase and use quite a lot of breast pumps, all of which promised ease of use and comfortability. Unfortunately, only a few of those products actually offered what they claimed. One of the best possible breast pumps that I can honestly say was worth my investment was the Medela Swing. It was made really well, while it offered quite a lot of great features that I have not seen in other breast pumps before.

An Honest Medela Swing Breast Pump Review

The nicest thing about this product is that it happens to easily latch on to the breast without hurting or causing any discomfort to the areola or nipple. It also happens to be very lightweight weighing less than 1 pound which makes it very easy to bring around with you if ever you plan on traveling. Medela did a fantastic job in making sure that it is compact while at the same time durable enough to last for many years. The valve sucks the milk super quickly without making it feel like your breasts have drained, and it also is quite easy to operate.

Unlike most breast pumps, this one is actually very user friendly and doesn’t require much assembling to begin using. It also happens to feature 2 phase expression which basically means it will mimic a baby’s natural nursing patterns. This ensures that your breast milk supply will not deteriorate whenever you pump for breast milk. It also comes with 2 membranes, a tubing, and an optional use of a neck or shoulder strap for even easier functions. Overall it is a wonderful breast pump that truly does get the job done.

What to look for in a quality breast pump

The most important thing any breast pump should offer is computability, because the last thing you want is for it to hurt your breast while your pumping out milk. Also make sure that it isn’t too heavy or bulky which makes it difficult to bring around with you. Never purchase any breast pump that has negative reviews, because you want to make sure that people actually found it to be a beneficial product that offered everything it promised.

When you know how to choose the best breast pump, that is when you will be able go home with the best possible one that will without a doubt meet your needs.

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Sanitize/Clean Home Brew Beer Bottles01.14.15

How to remove labels and sanitize beer bottles for home brew.

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Tips When Getting Your Home Designed By An Interior Designer01.12.15

Getting a brand new home is very exciting because you have a new house that sort of gives you that fresh perspective. It’s amazing how so many people get so excited that they end up forgetting about making wiser choices. To make sure you succeed, you really need to remember that your house is designed by a professional. Going for an interior designer and somebody who is knowledgeable about designing homes is the way to go. Interior designers are people who can not only help provide you with the outline of what theme to go for and also where to put everything, but also providing you with the chance for them to buy the furniture for you with your budget. In this article, you’ll be able to learn about choosing an interior designer and also how to make the most out of your investment.

Tips When Getting Your Home Designed By An Interior Designer

Have A Goal In Mind Of What You Want

Always have a set goal of what you want your home to look like. Whether it’s photos in magazines or just a video of a celebrity’s house that you really like, having that goal as what you want is surely going to help you find the designer to help you with the house. When you show what you want, they can help so much easier because they can see sort of a bit of your taste and what you like, and they’ll help you get sort of that type of home easier. It’s much easier in the long run this way since they don’t have to guess your type of style and goals.

Find Out Their Services

Always ask in advance like on the phone what they offer. Find out what the fees are and what each service entitles you. They won’t be giving you advice on something you didn’t pay for, and this is completely normal. You need to be prepared for everything beforehand so you succeed.

- Go For Consultation

If you are at that stage where you don’t need a complete stylist but more of just an additional set of advice, go for a consultation instead of a complete guidance fee. Most people hire them to completely redesign their home, but going for a consultation is more of just getting some of their advice and help to have them come over to you. Unlike an online service, these people will drive and go to you, and so they make sure to get what they deserve when offering event these consultation services.

- Take Advantage Of Them When Building The Home

If your home has not yet been developed, it is the most perfect timing to have an interior designer. These designers will help you out by connecting on a deep level with your architect to find out what your home needs based on your needs and wants. After you have discussed it with your interior designer, they’ll help with the construction with your architect so that the building of it is a success. Most people recommending doing it this way, but if you end up waiting down the road, that is usually more than enough to go for when designing your house.

Choosing An Interior Designer

To find the right interior designer, you should make sure that you look for somebody who is very professional. Find somebody who has been designing for years and years, and sometimes knowing where they have gone is always helpful since those who have traveled are almost always more educated about different cultures and ways of designing a home. Consider speaking to them on the phone and explaining what your house looks like. Let them know about what may work for you, and you should be able to soon see what may work best for you.

When designing your home, you want to know where your chairs will go, what kind of paintings to go for, what theme to follow, and where your water filter will go. If, for example, you buy a water filter at, you may not know where to put it. A professional interior designer will help educate you about what works and what shouldn’t be used. Hire an interior designer and get the best design you can have for your home.

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My Home Cleaning Routines -How to keep your home clean and fresh and still have a life too!01.10.15

I’m back with another video! This one is about my time management schedule and how I use it to keep up with my home cleaning routines. My house requires a lot of cleaning on a daily basis, especially since we have a pre-school age daughter and both my husband and I work from home. We create a lot of traffic, and because of this I have devised a home cleaning system that can keep me on top of whatever spills and splatters come up! I hope this video can give you some ideas on how to organize your time. Feel free to leave a video response as well!

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UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP on women’s issues, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 14 02 1401.09.15

UKIP Nigel Farage on women’s issues.

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Why you should get Hamilton beach slow cookers01.03.15

One of the most basic necessities in life is food, and most food items have to be heated or pass through fire before they can become edible. Cooking can be very boring, but when it’s done with the right type of tools it can become one of your best hobbies. One of the best cooking tools, you could use to make cooking quality meals quite easy, is the Slow Cooker. This appliance allows you to cook at very low temperatures over several hours. Its importance in our today’s world cannot be overemphasized. It adds flexibility to the lives of women by allowing them handle other pressing needs and issues without having to sit all day watching the cooking process.

The best of all slow cookers in the market is the Hamilton brand of slow cookers. The Hamilton beach slow cooker review shows the unique quality of the Hamilton brand. Some cookers have a set and forget feature which allows you to program your cooking process, and it allows you to supervise other activities without being disturbed.

Hamilton Beach 33969
most cookers simply halt the cooking process after a power outage. This does affect not affect the cooking process of the Beach 33969 model, its built-in function allows it to cook and maintain a particular temperature after a temporary power outage. One of the benefits of cooking with this model is the wrap around cooking. This allows your meals cook evenly, removing the need to rearrange your meals.

- The locking lids and easy to carry handles allows for easy carriage especially during outings.
– The three multi mode function provides a lot of flexibility when cooking
– People used to basic slow cookers may find a hard time learning how to program this slow cooker because of its complex functions.

Hamilton Beach 33262
This portable slow cooker can easily contain a roast that is 4 pounds or a 6 pound chicken. This slow cooker is perfect for road trips because of its canister styled clips; this prevents its content from spilling while transporting it. It also comes along with full grip handles that allows for easy carriage.

- It’s simple to use and operate
– It’s quite affordable – this makes it perfect for slow cooker starters.
– It’s a bit too basic for experienced slow cooker chefs

Hamilton slow cookers are simply unique and durable. Their high end cooker caters to the needs of experienced chefs while its low end cookers are simply perfect for starters. Their portability and technology allows for easy carriage especially when embarking on road trips or family picnics. Get the Hamilton beach slow cookers today and give your culinary life a boost.

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